Latest update on all things Heatons 

Hello and welcome to another edition of Enjoy Local SK4, a monthly e-magazine which informs you on up and coming events within this magical area of the North West………..The Heatons!

With two new establishments ‘Cork of the North’ and ‘Epicurean’ (the new craft beer specialist) arriving, the ever-changing row of shops has a new life this Summer. There is a real drive to make sure local residents use local independent companies. This is something that we have promoted over the recent months with our ‘Enjoy Local’ drive. As a company initiative we have created and launched 'Enjoy Local', which encourages local businesses to offer discounts to our customers to eat, shop and enjoy the local community. To be a part of the local community is something I’m extremely passionate about.


Our doors are always open throughout the summer so if we can help with anything property related, please visit my office on Moorside Road.


Enjoy the sunshine!



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