Didsbury's new man!

Didsbury team(Click to zoom)
Didsbury team

I’ve had my face plastered around the village this month, just to make sure that the people of Didsbury know that I’ve arrived here at Julian Wadden!  

A banner is up at the Didsbury Cricket Club on Wilmslow Road, and I’m even bigger on a billboard around the corner from the branch on Whitechapel Street. My poster has also been trailed around Didsbury by bike so I’ve been difficult to miss if you’ve been in the village over the past few weeks!

The campaign is fantastic as I want to integrate with the local communities and it’s a great conversation starter. I’m enthused to be heading up the Didsbury team here at Julian Wadden and it’s always nice to receive a warm welcome.  Julian Wadden is about being big and innovative, so the bold advertising makes a real statement about us as an agency and our passion for M20.

But it’s not all about me. Together with Julian, I’ve handpicked an experienced and friendly new team for the branch. Rachel McKie is my new Assistant Manager who has also worked in Didsbury, with an outstanding record in executing sales to completion efficiently.

Spread the word and feel free to tweet us @JulianWadden when you’ve met us!

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