Wedding of the Year!

I know this isn't specific Heaton's news but I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients and staff members who wished myself and Kerry all the best in our married life. 

We celebrated the big day in Mobberley on the 3rd May at Owen House Wedding Barn and simply had the best day ever! The laid back and quirky venue was perfect and one which I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to tie the knot in the coming future.

Kerry looked stunning throughout the day and my two boys Finlay and Ashden loved every minute. 

Taking time out in the lead upto the wedding to rehearse a choreographed first dance seems to be a hit with social media. We have had over 29,000 views of the dance on just one popular social network alone!

I suppose this article is a little bit property related after all.........I met my new wife on a viewing!

Many thanks


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