The Pulse SK6

Well our first month of opening is coming to an end, what an interesting & exciting month it has been. We have been welcomed into the Town with open arms which has made our first month all that more enjoyable.

As the market begins to get momentum in Marple & The Bridge and sellers see spring on the horizon properties are becoming more readily available. Buyers are still capitalizing on the attractive interest rates and are coming from much further afield to get a piece of Marple's picturesque Town and Country.

It is becoming more and more common that people have had enough with the urban lifestyle and look to Marple for its beautiful setting and well price properties, in comparison to the sky high prices of other Cheshire suburbs.

Have a look on the below articles to see whats been happening in Marple this month! 

The Co-op has closed ...... Asda to step in its shoes

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