The Pulse M20

Welcome to July's edition of The Pulse M20.

With the continual strong demand within housing market and supply not facilitating, property prices are still on the increase. With many of our Open House days still continuing to prove the best sales tactic often resulting in over asking price offers.

With many superb events and goings on in our local area in the coming months, please see just a small selection below...



Didsbury in Bloom

Didsbury is often referred as the leafy suburb of Manchester. Based on last year’s gold awarded to the local team of dedicated green fingered volunteers, this year we are asking that local residents and businesses support an amazing cause in any way possible.

This year Didsbury has been entered into the finals of the RHS as a result of last year’s award. How can you help?

  1. Regularly remove litter from outside your premises- especially if you are a bar, restaurant or takeaway. Didsbury will be judged on it cleanliness among other things.

  2. Remind your takeaway customers to dispose of litter in bins or take it home

  3. Remove weeds/growth from gullies and base of walls outside your premises.

The judging dates are Monday 27th July 10am- 12.30pm  and Tuesday 11th August 10am- 12.30pm

Wine Tasting

Set up by wine aficionado, Janet Harrison, Cracking Wine offers a range of events to suit an array of individual’s tastes.  

Janet believes that when people start to learn a bit more about wine, they tend to drink smarter - maybe less volume but better quality.

Cracking Wine has a series of monthly supermarket wine tastings coming up providing buying tips. Each of these events will showcase wines from Aldi to Waitrose and everything in between. The upcoming dates to put in your diary are:

Life is a Cabernet - be more ‘cab-savvy’ during your weekly shop.
* Wednesday 16th September - The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, West Didsbury

New Kids on the Block - sampling some of the newer grape varieties.
* Wednesday 14th October - The Northern Lawn Tennis Club, West Didsbury

Calling all Didsbury Art Lovers...

Lynne is renowned for her rich use of colour, and her visual surface textures, inspired from her extensive travels to the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Lynne’s work is evocative and provokes the imagination from urban landscapes to bold expressive canvasses; Lynne has work in many private collections. The works can be viewed when the Burton Road restaurant is open and is an absolute must for those Art lovers.